The EnergyIQ (EIQ) APIs are now available for licensing.

Note that the present APIs support most functionality as seen in Functionality is not available for benchmarking against other EnergyIQ users or exclusively against users' own portfolios or for normalizations other than energy/cost/carbon per unit floor area.

Technology Transfer at LBNL

Berkeley Lab licenses software and technologies to industry in order to move Lab inventions to the marketplace and benefit the public. Berkeley Lab seeks licensees that can marshal the requisite financial, R & D, manufacturing, marketing, and managerial capabilities and commitment to successfully commercialize Berkeley Lab innovations. 

Our goals are to:

  • Promote the use of Berkeley Lab technology to benefit society through licensing Lab inventions to companies capable of successfully commercializing them;
  • Support the research mission of the Lab through generating licensing income that supports future Lab research and by identifying industry partners to sponsor Lab research;
  • Earn a fair return and recognition for the Lab and inventors; and
  • Contribute to regional and national economic development.

Given license fees that are a tiny fraction of the funds we have invested in developing these web services, third-party software developers can avoid similar expenditures and get tremendous leverage by re-purposing the tools we have developed.

Licensing On-boarding Process 

Note: Users of Chrome will need to right-click on the links in order to download PDF files 

  1. Sign up. This creates an account to which your key(s) will be attached once your license is executed, and ensures that you receive notices about the project.
  2. Review this site and the sample code to ensure that your technical team is capable of working with the APIs.
  3. Select either a one-time 120-day Evaluation License or Full License.
  4. Return a signed license agreement to our Innovation and Partnerships Office (IPO) with a copy to LBNL.
  5. Once the license is executed, a unique API key will become visible when the user logs into this site, enabling licensees to fully utilize the APIs.
~ We are pleased to report that for at least the initial one-year license period, we will absorb all the costs of hosting (currently in the Amazon cloud), referred to in the new licenses as Usage Fees (the previous plan was to pass that on to you). For reference, our current usage costs are approximately $0.01 per API call.

Evaluation licenses are non-renewable, and we thus encourage parties to wait until they are ready to dedicate time to the evaluation process before executing a license.

Requests for additional information can be directed to