Welcome to the Home Energy Saver™ APIs portal – home of the world’s most comprehensive web service for home energy analysis.

Use the Home Energy Saver (HES) engine to power a user interface of your design.

NOTE: You don’t need to engage with this site if all you want to do is use the Home Energy Saver sites in their current on-line form. The APIs are only needed for those who want to integrate it into a different software tool.

This site provides everything you need to evaluate our APIs, initiate the licensing process, keep current on what’s coming from our labs in future releases, track your customers’ use, and share your feedback.

The HES web services enable web developers to:

  • Collect and save home-description information from customers.
  • Compute a home’s energy use, cost, and carbon footprint in a matter of seconds based on state-of-the-art models and data for any location in the United States.
  • Perform operational or asset ratings.
  • Estimate the relative importance of specific end uses (heating, cooling, water heating, major appliances, small appliances, and lighting).
  • Get a list of energy-saving upgrade recommendations.
  • Create a payback-ranked list of energy-efficiency improvements
  • Generate a wide range of summary and drill-down reports.
  • Save and recall individual user sessions.
  • Design custom interaction and presentation layers.