HES Pro/Consumer Single Family Homes (HES-SF) API Definitions

The HES-SF API consists of many methods designed to serve the HES consumer and profesional websites. These methods may also be accessed through almost any SOAP compatible client found in popular languages such as PHP 5, JAVA and .NET. We have set up a sandbox of our production system and sample client code in several programming languages to aid the use of the HES-SF API externally.

Note that in order to use the HES-SF API you must have previously obtained a key by completing the Licensing process.

The general steps for accessing the API, and performing a calculation are as follows:

  • Call the newSession method to create a new session.The newSession method returns pages of results that are designed for a website to parse and build forms. The only data required to start a session is a Zip Code
  • Retrieve the session_id from the newSession results. The sample code shows you how to just retrieve the session_id which is all that is needed to move forward.
  • Customize the modeled home using the saveSession11 method. Most often this will be done by initiating a SOAP client object using the WSDL that is published for the API, and using that SOAP object to submit the three input arrays (saveInputs, lightInputs, and extraInputs) that describe the home configuration. saveSession can also initiate the energy and cost calculation using the validate parameter.
  • Once the session has been saved and calculated, you may retrieve the results of the calculation. There are several specialized retrieve methods, allowing retrieval of results for the whole house or for several end uses.
  • In addition to customizing the home configuration HES allows for customization of the specific upgrades to be applied.

HES-SF API Methods

HES-SF API Object Model


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