HES Multifamily (HES MF) API Definitions

The HES MF API was developed by LBNL jointly with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The initial application of the MF API is in ORNL's MulTEA website, part of their Weatherization Assistant package software tools. The HES MF API is also available for licensing by third party developers and can be accessed using standard web development tools, SOAP and XML. This page provides links to the API WSDL, and the main method XSD's as well as an overview of the methods and the process of modeling an MF building.

Detailed documentation of the methods and sample code can be found on the API Methods page.

In order to use the HES-MF API you must have previously obtained an API key by completing the Licensing process.

To perform an MF calculation call the submit() API method.

Unlike the SF or Scoring Tool API's there is no separate method to create a building. The MF submit() method takes the array of inputs, saves them, runs the energy calculation, and returns the results.

There are additional methods:

  • The calculate() method will run the energy calculation on an already-existing building.
  • retrieve_results() method returns the results array for an already calculated building.
  • The retrofit() method allows customized packages of equipment upgrades to be submitted and new energy estimates for them calculated.

HES-SF API WSDL, and key xsd's