Welcome to the Home Energy Scoring Tool APIs portal

With U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) approval, use these APIs to embed the Home Energy Scoring Tool methodology into a user interface of your design. You don’t need to engage with this site if all you want to do is use the Home Energy Scoring Tool in its current on-line form. The APIs are only needed for those who want to integrate Home Energy Scoring Tool functionality into a different software tool. Those for whom the LBNL version of the user interface is adequate can access it via this link.

DOE maintains a directory of certified assessors, to whom login credentials are issued. Any third-party implementations of the Scoring Tool methodology must utilize this login system.

USDOE Approval Process: Third-party user interfaces designed to generate an official Home Energy Score (HEScore) must use the HEScore APIs and be approved by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Standards will be forthcoming as to requirements for software inputs to the HEScore APIs. These will include a quality assurance process regimen that will validate through standardized tests (analogous to BESTEST) that data entered into the third-party interface is properly converted to entries that will produce the expected result from the HEScore APIs. Adherence to the official visual design and content of the label itself, as specified by DOE, will also be required. Developers can begin with an Evaluation License, which will generate an unofficial watermarked label for testing purposes. Once all requirements have been met, permission to use the Production URL will be granted.

There is no required approval for other uses of the Home Energy Saver APIs, used for operational energy modeling and described elsewhere in this website.