Home Energy Scoring Tool API Error Descriptions

Below are the current error messages sent by the Scoring Tool API

If you need additional help understanding an error, or if you encounter an error condition not listed here, please use the "contact us" link on the homeenergyscore.lbl.gov website.

IDError No.Message
11Invalid Reference value [1]
22Input value [1] does not match [2]
33The query "[1]" yielded no results
44Invalid Increment
55The formula "[1]" failed
77Input value [1] does not match defined pattern
88Input value [1] is outside of the range [2] and [3]
99Input year [1] is invalid
1010Invalid Primary Key
1111Invalid Foriegn Key
120use this for not assigned
1312Schedule [1] value of [2] not allowed for schedule type [3]
1413All hours not specified for week schedule [1]
1514All days not specified for schedule [1]
1615Wall [1] area too small to contain windows and doors
1817Input is required if [1] is not set to [2]
1918Input is required if [1] is set to [2]
2019Input is required if [1] is set to [2] and [3] is set to [4]
2120Input [1] must be less than [2]
2221Input cannot be [1] if [2] is set to [3]
2322Sum of fractions must be equal to 100%
2423Input [1] must be greater than [2]