Scoring Tool Version 2015 API Method Changes

The v2015 Scoring Tool API was released on 3/20/2015. The table below summarizes the new functionalities and changes in methods where the v2015 version differs from v2014.

Method NameObject NameDescription of changeDetails
submit_address()assessment_typeNew enumerationmentor
submit_inputs()zone_roofNew elements: roof_name, roof_areaCan now have two instances
submit_inputs()zone_roof.roof_assembly_codeNew enumerationsrfwf19co, rfwf21co, rfwf27co, rfps19co, rfps21co, rfwf30co, rfwf30wo, rfwf30rc, rfwf30lc, rfwf30tg
submit_inputs()zone_floorNew elements: floor_name, floor_areaCan now have two instances
submit_inputs()hvacNew object with up to two instances
Elements: hvac_name, hvac_fraction
heating, cooling, and hvac_distribution are now children of this object
submit_inputs()heating.typeNew enumerationwood_stove
submit_inputs()heating.fuel_primaryTwo new enumerationcord_wood, pellet_wood
submit_hpxml_inputs()submit_hpxml_inputsNew element: hpxml_building_id (optional)The hpxml_building_id parameter identifies which BuildingID to use. If hpxml_building_id is not submitted the first BuildingID will be used
retrieve_inputs()New elements in returnreturns new hvac object and new elements for zone_roof and zone_floor
retrieve_label_results()Four new elements in returnutility_cord_wood
retrieve_extended_results()Four new elements in returnutility_cord_wood_base