Cool California


Our APIs power the residential energy module in the Cool California carbon calculator, created by the California Air Resources Board.

Cool California's mission is to provide all Californians with the tools they need to take action to protect the climate and keep California cool. The site provides information on:

  • Actions you can take to improve energy efficiency, reduce your fuel usage, recycle, conserve water, buy green, save money, etc.
  • Rebates, grants, and financial incentives offered by local utilities, state programs, and private institutions.
  • Tools to measure your carbon footprint and how to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Case studies that describe actions taken by others, their cost savings, and emission reductions.
  • Climate Action Planning.
  • Educational resources, sustainable business programs, on line communities, social networking sites, and much, much more.

    CoolCalifornia's partner organizations seek to empower Californians to improve the State's future and protect its environment. is THE new one-stop-shop for all Californians – packed with quick, easy-to-use and reliable tools that all Californians need to save money and reduce their impact on the climate.

The founding partners include State Government Agencies, Universities, and Next10, a nonprofit organization:

  • The California Air Resources Board
  • The Berkeley Institute of the Environment
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • The California Energy Commission
  • Next 10
  • The California Public Utilities Commission