Project Gallery - Scoring Tool

LBNL’s Home Energy Scoring Tool project uses an Application Programming Interfaces to power its own websites and to make its underlying data and calculations available to collaborators and other software developers on the web. This page displays collaborative projects undertaken by third party developers using the Scoring Tool API. 

Home Energy Scoring Tool

Home Energy Scoring Tool

The U.S Department of Energy's Home Energy Score Program is geared toward motivating consumers to undertake energy and cost saving improvements in their homes. Through the use of the Home Energy Scoring Tool, qualified assessors can provide consumers with credible and useful information about their homes at a relatively affordable cost. The tool generates a score, a label, and customized recommendations.

EnergySavvy - Optix

Energy Savvy Scoring Tool Project

EnergySavvy has integrated the Scoring Tool API into its OPTIX platform and is now serving LEAP Virginia and New Jersey Natural Gas.

EnergySavvy Optix is a DSM services software platform. Program implementers, partners, contractors and other stakeholders all interact in a web-enabled interface designed to facilitate seamless coordination, lower operational costs and drive increased savings. 

EnergySoft - Energy Pro

Energy Soft Scoring Tool Project

EnergyPro offers a number of different analysis modules designed to appeal to a wide range of professionals in the building industry. A Pilot test version of a Scoring Tool enabled version of EnergyPro is currently being used to evaluate the Home Energy Score for the County of Alameda 


Cake Systems Scoring Tool Project

The CakeSystems software platform ( was created by Earth Advantage Institute to fill the need for a fast, accurate and flexible auditing software for the residential energy efficiency marketplace. Cake Systems' software can provide an Energy Performance Score label (EPS), accommodate other labels such as the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score or provide no energy label at all. 

Optimiser LLC

Optimiser Scoring Tool Project

OptiMiser ( is a professional energy audit software, combining industry-leading accuracy with streamlined workflow and compelling reports. EnergyFit Nevada ( chose the OptiMiser home energy auditing software to bring the Home Energy Score to Nevada.

miScore Mobile App for Home Energy Score


Mobile applications for Home Energy Score data collection fields with context sensitive help messages, multi-level drop list selector controls, data export to CSV file, download to DropBox web service, etc.