Note: The EnergyIQ related technical notes are located here.

Measure costs:  Retrofit cost data embedded in the APIs is provided by the NREL National Residential Efficiency Measures Database.

Home Energy Saver

Energy calculation methods: A synopsis of our engineering methods can be found here. A comprehensive summary of HES calculation methodology, data, and infrastructure is available here.

Graphing: We use a licensed Google Chart API to generate the bar charts on the Compare pages.  API users need to either independently license and implement that API, or select another graphing function of their choosing.

Google map not included in APIs: However, users are welcome to open the HES version in conjunction with their own sites. That link is:

Release notes: A summary of HES release notes are here.

Known issues: HES known issues are logged here.

Home Energy Scoring Tool

Energy calculation methods: Methods unique to the Home Energy Scoring Tool are documented  here.

Release notes: A summary of HEScore release notes are here.

Known issues: HEScore known issues are logged here.